[LTP] [PATCH V8] syscall: Add io_uring related tests

Vikas Kumar vikas.kumar2@arm.com
Fri Jul 17 06:39:16 CEST 2020

Hi Cyril,

> Hi!
> I've finished the test code and pushed, thanks.
> I've changed it so that it actually reads data and checks the result,
> and also properly unmaps the buffers (fixes failures with -i 10 passed
> to the test), the diff is attached below.
> Also I will have to check if we need the read/write barriers, I guess
> that the way we use the interface it's safe, since the syscalls provide
> natural boundary between kernel and userspace. But they would be needed
> for a different tests anyways.
> Also I had to remove the IORING_SETUP_IOPOLL flag since that made all
> SQEs fail with EOPNOTSUPP for me.

Thank you very much for help and change in test code.



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