[LTP] [PATCH V3] syscalls/timer_settime01: Make sure the timer fires

Yang Xu xuyang2018.jy@cn.fujitsu.com
Fri Jul 24 12:27:03 CEST 2020

Hi Viresh

> On 24-07-20, 13:07, Yang Xu wrote:
>> Yes, only _ALARM fails.
> Right. So this seems this is rather a kernel issue. And I am not
> really sure how to handle these.
> Cyril, Any ideas ? Do we even try to support 3.10 here ?

ltp supports kernel 3.10. minimal supported kernel and (g)libc version 
discussion is here[1].  I don't know this is a backport bug or a 
upstream kernel bug(has fixed). I will figure out this on next week.


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