[LTP] [PATCH] Convert chdir01 to the new API

Petr Vorel pvorel@suse.cz
Fri Jul 24 14:36:06 CEST 2020


> > > Honestly speak, I don't like merge chdir02 into chdir01 and we should
> > > cleanup chdir02 case individually.

> We usually tend to split test into possitive and negative testcases
> in order to avoid overly complex code. In this case the code looks clean
> enough though.

> I guess that if we wanted to have a separate test for possitive tests,
> we would do something more interesting. Maybe something that does
> chdir() and getcwd() in a loop for a while for a random path from a set
> of paths, e.g. $TMPDIR, /, "..", "." and would expect the getcwd() to
> match the new path after successful chdir() and remain unchanged after
> failure. It would probably even more interesting to run chdir() and
> getcwd() in a loop in several different threads, in such case we would
> expect a valid return from getcwd(), i.e. any of the paths we pass to
> chdir().
Nice plan. I'd merge current patchset and put this into some TODO (could be and
easyhack for newcommers, because test is already converted to the new API).

> > chdir02.c tests chdir("/"); and chdir("/tmp"). Not sure whether full path is
> > more coverage than relative path from chdir01.c.
> > If we consider these useful, we can just add it into chdir01.c.

> > Although it looks a bit strange to chroot into root, I'd use just that and avoid
> > /tmp (it breaks at least for Android with no good reason).

> I guess that we can add /etc or something that is generally present on
> the system.
/etc is a symlink to /system/etc (maybe not presented everywhere). /sbin or /bin
are symlinks on distros which has done usr merge, thus might disappear in the
future.  I'd vote for /dev, which is everywhere (so far).

Kind regards,

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