[LTP] [PATCH] runtest/syscalls: Add testcases to test list

zhaogongyi zhaogongyi@huawei.com
Wed Mar 17 06:02:46 CET 2021

Hi Cyril,

I have resubmit the patch according your review. The problem of test case mem03.c and mmap10.c may be fixed in later work.

Thanks so much!

Best Regards,

> Hi!
> > Add syscall test cases to test list.
> I've looked at the tests the brk02 and get_mempolicy02 should have been
> added to syscalls, this was a mistake that needs to be fixed ASAP.
> As for the mem03.c the test is in a wrong place and should be moved and
> reviewed first. It looks like it should be, at least, moved to the
> syscalls/mmap/ directory and renamed to mmapXX.c
> And similarily mmap10.c needs review and cleanup, it does not even print
> pass/fail report at the end.
> --
> Cyril Hrubis
> chrubis@suse.cz

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