[LTP] ??????: [PATCH v2] cleanup: Unify the annotation style and remove Redundant code

Petr Vorel pvorel@suse.cz
Wed Mar 17 13:13:55 CET 2021


> Hi!
> > I'd keep both: this is for cleanup of old approach, conversion in testinfo.pl in
> > case there is inconsistency in the future.

> If we agree on a certain format I would vote for docparse to fail the
> build if the format is wrong, that will force us to maintain the
> metadata correctly.
Make sense. But being the one who often fixes docparse failures I'm not sure if
I want to implement extra work for myself :).

(It'd help to implement https://github.com/linux-test-project/ltp/issues/599,
but I don't have any server to run it).

Kind regards,

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