[LTP] 答复: [PATCH] syscalls/chdir01: Add umask before mkdir

xieziyao xieziyao@huawei.com
Wed Mar 31 04:19:42 CEST 2021

Hi Gongyi, Petr,

Sorry, I didn't subscribe to the mail when Gongyi's patch was submitted.

Anyway, thank you for your discussion of this issue and for merging this patch.


发件人: Petr Vorel [mailto:pvorel@suse.cz] 
发送时间: 2021年3月31日 0:54
收件人: zhaogongyi <zhaogongyi@huawei.com>
抄送: xieziyao <xieziyao@huawei.com>; ltp@lists.linux.it
主题: Re: [LTP] [PATCH] syscalls/chdir01: Add umask before mkdir

Hi Gongyi,

> Umask is always 022 in many system env. In this testcase, if umask is 
> not 022, for example, umask is 0077, test would fail because the file 
> mode is affected by umask.
Thanks a lot for a giving example. I tested only 0066.

I'm sorry I accepted the Ziyao version as it had better description, reverted back changes and will work on any mode in SAFE_MKDIR(). I put your Reported-by:

I'll also send one more fix for exfat.

Kind regards,

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