[LTP] [PATCH v4 0/9] Test the new fanotify FAN_FS_ERROR event

Petr Vorel pvorel@suse.cz
Mon Nov 22 22:09:06 CET 2021

Hi all,
> Petr Vorel <pvorel@suse.cz> writes:

> > Hi all,

> > <snip>
> >> Hi Amir,

> >> I have pushed v4 to :

> >> https://gitlab.collabora.com/krisman/ltp.git -b fan-fs-error_v4

> > FYI I've rebased it on my fix 3b2ea2e00 ("configure.ac: Add struct
> > fanotify_event_info_pidfd check")

> > https://github.com/linux-test-project/ltp.git -b gertazi/fanotify21.v4.fixes

> > diff to krisman/fan-fs-error_v4:

> Petr,

> Should I send a v5 or is v4 getting picked up and merged with the fixup
> hunk?
No need to sent v4, I'll merge it from my branch. This is info for Amir, which
wanted to use your git tree to base his patchset on (if it wasn't relevant only
to patches for man-pages).

Kind regards,

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