[LTP] [PATCH 2/3] doc: Add LTP-003 and LTP-004 static and tst API prefix rules

Petr Vorel pvorel@suse.cz
Mon Nov 29 11:33:36 CET 2021

> Hi!
> > BTW It'd be nice to have some check for shell library (maybe shellcheck would be
> > able to do it).

> Actually the check is in the shell library script.
I'm avare only about the check in tst_run() which check that tests are not using
variables starting with TST or _tst_ prefix, which is important.

My remark was about "LTP-003: Externally visible library symbols have the tst_
prefix", which is slightly different think. Not sure if can be scripted, thus
feel free to ignore it.

I have more remarks on shell checking, but post it as a separate thread.

Kind regards,

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