[LTP] [PATCH 0/2] swapon01: Test on all filesystems, cleanup

Marius Kittler mkittler@suse.de
Thu Oct 12 11:28:51 CEST 2023

I guess the code would work and looks generally good to merge. In fact, I 
tested `.all_filesystems = 1`  myself yesterday. It is just the question 
whether we actually want it. Is there really coverage to be gained (or does 
the kernel just the same under the hood anyway regardless of the filesystem)?

> Test on all filesystems to increase coverage.  btrfs and tmpfs
> currently does not support swap file, but keep it in case this get
> changed in the future.

Considering btrfs does not support it I guess that means the kernel does 
indeed different things under the hood so the coverage might be beneficial. (If 
it was just about tmpfs then I'd say it makes no sense to put a swapfile there 
in any case and it will therefore likely never be supported.)

Reviewed-by: Marius Kittler <mkittler@suse.de>

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