Invitation to answer open consultation on software patentability

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Vi prego di considerare con la massima attenzione la seguente questione.

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Open consultation on software patentability

The Internal Market Directorate General of the European Commission has
opened on 19 October 2000 a consultation on whether software and its
underlying ideas should be patentable, and under which conditions. The
official consultation text (including address and email to which answers can
be sent) can be found in 3 languages (English, French and German) at:

The Information Society Directorate General is keen on ensuring that all
parties involved in software innovation, software production and software
usage express their views in this consultation process. The purpose of this
message is to inform you about the consultation.

Here is some important advice on preparing and submitting your position

Make clear who you are, and whether your position statement represents the
official position of all or part organisation or a company, or is just your
individual opinion (individual statements are no less important, but should
clearly be identified). If the position is for an organisation representing
member companies or organisations, it may be useful to refer to the process
by which the position was agreed.

Be specific. Do not replicate standard answers, elaborate your own views, in
reference to your actual activity with regards to software, innovation, and
its usage. Avoid ambiguity in interpretation of your statements by entering
into the detailed substance of the issues.

As much as possible, be brief and to the point. The services analysing the
answers will have a hard task: make it easier by highlighting essential

Send your views no later than 20 November 2000. The consultation process
will be closed only a few weeks later, but considering the calendar for
other important events (Munich conference on revision of the Patent
Convention, consultation with Member States), submissions meeting the
November 2000 deadline are likely to have a greater impact.

Message issued by:
Philippe Aigrain
Head of Sector "Software Technologies"
European Commission DG INFSO/E2 Office N105 3/54 <>=20
Postal address: rue de la Loi 200, B-1049 Brussels, Belgium
Office address: avenue des Nerviens 105, B-1040 Brussels
Assistant: B=E9atrice van Lancker, phone +,
Phone (direct): +
Fax: +

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