LUG (linux user group) or FSUG (free software user group)?

Lindo Nepi
Mon, 18 Jun 2001 08:18:48 +0200

riguardo il mio post sulla lista dei lug esteri..
mi sembrava ineressante proporre questo messaggio..finora l'unica voce
fuori dal coro...

>From: rek2 <>
>Organization: Metro West Boston LUG
>Subject: Re: LUG (linux user group) or FSUG (free software user group)?
>Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 16:35:59 -0400
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>well,   maybe our LUG here in Boston is more radical ...
>but we don't suppurt comercial sofware... why?
>well when we know someone can get a benefit of a comercial packet we just 
>point them to theyr website... we are in this for free and to help the open 
>source..  Comercial Software are making money of this.. so we in a nice 
>way(We never critic comercial software to this people) we send them to the 
>right URL, or USER group... we can't not loose our time installing comercial 
>software, We belive that there is no comercial software better than a open 
>source package when you can find the both...(another thing is that you don't 
>know how to installed right...)  :D
>in our case open source is more important that the GNU/kernel linux... linux 
>is only the kernel ... there is no OS with out all the GPL going around it...
>if you going to be a Linux user group, you are supporting GPL and other Open 
>source licenses...( I hate the bsd license do, but I still supported cause 
>the is in our side.), when we started this group was to move people from 
>comercial OS's and Software to linux and open source, to show the options..
>anyways most of the people that come to our lug asking.. is to find that 
>option... if they wanted to stay with comercial software, they will had go
>theyr company budget plan :))) 
>I don't say that in bussines you MUST only use Open source...
>I say that we like a Linux user group MUST explain how to use GPL and how it 
>will work for them, most of us when we started in 93 we had a dream, the 
>dream to change the software bussines... and a lot more people before us in 
>the 80's
>now we are more close to it than never...and is still far away to make it 
>WEll anyways... my point... we don't do comercial software, when this 
>comercial software already have support... if they whant us to support it... 
>they will have to port theyr software to open source...
>and I respect peoples opinions and what you guys say.. but in our lug we 
>started with IDEAS and we WON'T change them..
>Christian Fernandez
>MetroWest Boston LUG
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