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Rollie Savimbi Rolliesavimbi@rediffmail.com
Thu, 01 May 2003 11:52:52 +0200

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Compliments of the seasons
Good Day!,Sir / Madam
With warm heart I offer my friendship, and greetings,and I hope this mail =
meets you in good time. However strange or surprising this contact  might =
seem to you,as we have not met personally or had any dealings in the past, I =
humbly ask that you take due consideration of its importance  and immense =
benefit. I also sincerely seek your
confidence in this  transaction,which I propose to you as a person of =
First and foremost I wish to introduce myself properly to you. My name is =
rollie  veira  Savimbi, I am a nephew and Personal Assistant to Late Jonas =
Malheiro Savimbi, leader of UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence =
of Angola). As led by my instinct, I selected your email  address from an =
internet directory, in my search for a partner, hence  this proposal. My =
Uncle(Mentor) was killed in a battle with government forces of  Angola, led =
by President Dos Santos, on Friday 22nd
February 2002. After his  death, Mr. Antonio Dembo who was his second in
command, assumed office  as leader of UNITA, due to lack of the Charisma my
Uncle had carried  the party with in Dembo, there was chaos and struggle for =
leadership. Prominent members like Carlos Morgado lobbied to depose him and =
assume  office as leader to enrich themselves and some of them who saw me as =
threat to their ambitions, including Mr.Dembo, planned to kill me. The =
tension and confusion in UNITA become uncontrollable when Mr. Dembo died  =
10days after my Uncle's death. As I lost my mentor in this struggle  which =
has been on for three decades now, not so much of this struggle  interests me =
anymore, as there is now no sense of direction. I now desire a  peaceful =
life, as I am no more interested in conflicts and wars. For  this reason, I =
secretly left Angola and came here
(Europe) to seek ! political asylum. I am sincerely proposing to you to =
render me your highly needed assistance in respect to safekeeping of some of =
Uncle's money that arose  from Diamonds sales. This money (US$18.5million),
which was already on  its way to my Uncle's Swiss Bank account, through the
Diplomatic means we  use to move money abroad, and was on transit with a
private safe   deposit Finance / loans Discount house &Security
company here in Amsterdam,  Netherlands in February when the tragic 
incident of my Uncle's death occurred. I then instructed the company to 
secure the consignment containing the money pending on further   instrution   =
from me. I have waited for sometime now or security reasons, and  have now =
deicded to act with your reliable assistance. is matter of fact, the reason I =
came to Holland and sought for politcal asylum here is the safe deposit.  =
President Dos Santos has lobbied the International comunity to freeze my =
Uncle's assets and accounts broad, to ground  unita  and has already done =
this in Angola. Hence I cannot lodge the funds inmy name.Also I did not =
declare the funds to the here.  plan to use this money to safeguard my =
future. It is very essential that you understand that the kind of trust and  =
confident   want  to put in you is extraordinary, and an act of esperation on =
any   part, in order not to lose this money. Also, ensure that this contact =
with you should be treated with utmost secrecy.Your role in this project, is =
clearing the safetydeposit containing   the money which is deposited in my =
name, from the
Security company, after   which, the money will lodged into an account  =
referably a new account you should open for this transaction.  My share of =
the   money  will be 
returned to me when my asylum application in this country       is granted, =
I have permission to do business and open an account      here For your =
reliable assistance, I will reward you with  25%($2,775,000) of the money. I =
have with me, the Certificate of Deposit for the consigment containing the =
funds, which will be used for claim from the Finance / Discount house & =
security company, and the release codes of the   vaults Also, everything will =
be legally processed for transfer of
ownership to you, and this transaction should be completed =
immediatelydepending on your prompt response.I thank you in advance as I =
anticipate your assistance
in enabling me achieve this goal. 
Please contact me whether or not you are interested in
assisting me. 
This will enable me scout for another partner in the
event of non-interest on your part.
To understand the struggle to liberate from communists
more, click on 
the link below and read. 
Well you can reach me through the above mention       
Private Email:rolliesavimbi@rediffmail.com
Note   : http://www.the-idler.com/IDLER-02/3-16.html
 Rollie   savmbi.