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Marco Ciampa ciampix@libero.it
Sab 25 Giu 2005 18:39:25 CEST

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Quality Issues in Free Software Projects

Martin Michlmayr

University of Cambridge

Wednesday, 29th June 2005
4.30PM, DISA Meeting Room
Faculty of Economics

It is sometimes argued that free software and open source projects 
are generally of higher quality than proprietary software. While 
there is good evidence that the high amount of peer review typical in 
many free software projects contributes to quality, there are also a 
large number of issues which have to be addressed. Development in 
free software projects is carried out in a distributed fashion and 
commonly performed by volunteers, which leads to unique challenges 
that have to be faced. This presentation will give an overview of 
common quality issues found in both large and small free software 
projects. It will also discuss strategies and techniques which can be 
implemented in a free software project to ensure quality and to 
maintain a stable quality process. Finally, insights from traditional 
software engineering will be applied to free software projects.

Prof. Marco Zamarian (tel. 0461/882154- email: 


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