[openvideo-it] Fwd: [Ardour-Users] Ardour 3.2 release - Video comes to Ardour!

Lorenzo Sutton lorenzofsutton@gmail.com
Sab 15 Giu 2013 21:58:21 CEST

On 14/06/13 20:11, Federico Bruni wrote:
> Una notizia interessante per questa lista.
> Non l'ho ancora provato...

Neanche io direttamente... ma ho usato/uso xjadeo (sempre di Robin 
Gareus) con ardour (e anche rosegarden).

Ottimo soprattutto per lavorare con l'audio (es. colonna sonora) di un 
video e il sync al frame (e anche di meno teoricamente) dell'audio.

Da sottolineare che *non* ci sono feature di video-editing.


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> Oggetto: [Ardour-Users] Ardour 3.2 release - Video comes to Ardour!
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> Cc:
> Über-developer Robin Gareus has worked for a couple of years to add
> video support to Ardour, and with this release, we are pleased to
> finally enable it. In addition there are a couple of new features
> (including the ability to chain MIDI processing plugins) and the usual
> assorted list of bug fixes.
> As usual, you can fetch the update from the download page
> <https://community.ardour.org/download>.
>     Video Support
> The integration of a video timeline and video monitoring into Ardour
> allows for convenient audio mixing and editing to video (i.e.
> soundtracks, music videos, TV post production etc.)
> The new functionality allows users to:
>   * Import a single video and optionally extract the soundtrack from it.
>   * Provide a Video-monitor window, or full-screen display, of the
>     imported video in sync with any of the available ardour timecode
>     sources.
>   * Display a frame-by-frame (thumbnail) timeline of the video.
>   * Time-offset the video.
>   * Lock audio-regions to the video: Move audio-regions with the video
>     at video-frame granularity.
>   * Export the video, cut start/end, add blank frames and/or mux it with
>     the soundtrack of the current-session.
> Furthermore, the setup is modular and can be configured in different
> ways, including:
>   * One machine: all video decoding, video monitoring and Ardour audio
>   * Two machines: separate video-monitor and Ardour
>   * Three machines: separate video-server (for timeline decoding and
>     file-archive), dedicated video-monitor and Ardour
> Video support in Ardour does *not*:
>   * allow for more than one video to be loaded at a time.
>   * provide video editing capabilities
>     Other New Features and UI Changes
>   * chain together LV2 plugins that accept and output MIDI data
>   * OSC access to send gain parameters (via |/ardour/route/send/gainabs
>     rid sid gain| and |/ardour/route/send/gaindb rid sid gaindB|)
>   * window management (layering and related issues) overhauled to work
>     better on both platforms and with more window managers
>   * horizontal scrolling of the timeline is now done with shift-wheel
>     and track height adjustment is done using alt-wheel (matches OS X
>     conventions)
>   * German and French translations improved
>   * Allow a pre-existing selection to override region grouping if the
>     clicked-on region is part of that selection
>   * Plugin editing tweaked:
>       o Always show plugin's own UI (if available) on double-click
>       o Alt+double-click -> show 'generic controls' (GUI built by Ardour)
>       o Context-menu offers both choices.
>       o Use Tooltip for to make it discoverable.
>     Bug Fixes
>   * some licenses fixes in source code files
>   * properly handle closing of various file descriptors, to fix issues
>     with LinuxDSP plugins and xjadeo
>   * fix AudioUnit GUI window sizing
>   * improve relationship between ArdourDialog and Splash on OS X
>   * hack up AU GUI support to handle AUSampler resizing better.
>   * fix operation of right-click on selected MIDI note to bring up the
>     note editor. this is still not really right long term, but it is
>     better than displaying the channel selector
>   * fix crashes and session file corruption caused by not zeroing text
>     buffers passed to VST plugins (from Mixbus)
>   * fix crash on export if no master bus is present in the session
>   * On OS X, use "hw.physicalcpu" to get a more accurate CPU count (the
>     previously used "hw.ncpu" count includes hyperthreading cpus)
>   * Text in warning window for memory limit not displayed in full.
>   * fix jack session filename (colons are invalid)
>   * when using a MIDI keyboard for step entry of MIDI data, use the note
>     length set in the step entry dialog
>   * Remove special handling of session range in export. Fixes things
>     when the session range is renamed.
>   * Fix loading of old sessions' previously-used export timespans
>   * Various LV2 plugin handling fixes
>       o skip LV2 ports on GUI according to port-properties: notOnGUI and
>         reportsLatency
>       o honor LV2 rsz:minimumSize for Atom Event buffers
>       o properly clean up LV2 world
>       o lilv_port_get() for LV bufsize query requires new lilv
>       o lilv-backwards compatible min buffer-size implementation
>   * fix memory leaks and compiler warnings in LXVST code
>   * fix an unusual problem in some LinuxVST plugins by disabling symbol
>     export
>   * when a track has audio and MIDI output, display an audio fader
>     rather than a MIDI fader (this is a display change only - the fader
>     has effect on all MIDI and audio data passing though it regardless
>     of the type of fader shown)
>   * prepare font-styling meter labels
>   * decrease size and weight of midi-velocity - make '127' fit,...
>   * use correct quoting in OS X startup script (allows passing of
>     arguments on the command line)
>   * add test for writability of /usr/local/lib in OS X startup script
>     (notifies user about an issue created by Audacity)
>   * save and restore Generic MIDI threshold/smoothing value
>   * fix crash when using internal edit mouse modes to drag a non-MIDI
>     region
>     Contributors
> Robin Gareus, Adrian Knoth, John Oliver, Sakari Bergen, Colin Fletcher,
> Paul Davis
> Translation work by: Robin Gloster (de) and jpeg129 (fr)
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