epoch (1/1/1970)

Marco d'Itri md@linux.it
Sat, 25 Aug 2001 22:42:51 +0200

On Dec 23, Larry wall <los3r@lovingjesus.com> wrote:

 >dal contesto anno zero andrebbe bene, il problema Ŕ che io  epoch l'ho sentito solo come "era" o "etÓ".
 >Temo che in ambito informatico abbia qualche senso strano.
Non vorrei essere banale, ma avete mai pensato di guardare un

Webster 1913:

     1. A fixed point of time, established in history by the
        occurrence of some grand or remarkable event; a point of
        time marked by an event of great subsequent influence; as,
        the epoch of the creation; the birth of Christ was the
        epoch which gave rise to the Christian era.
     Note: Epochs mark the beginning of new historical periods,
           and dates are often numbered from them.

     4. (Astron.)
        (a) The date at which a planet or comet has a longitude or
        (b) An arbitrary fixed date, for which the elements used
            in computing the place of a planet, or other heavenly
            body, at any other date, are given; as, the epoch of
            Mars; lunar elements for the epoch March 1st, 1860.

Oltre ovviamente alla voce nel Jargon File.