andrea venturi
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 13:38:20 +0200

Pier Luigi Fiorini wrote:

>>   moniker --> ??? (cosa  un moniker?)
> E' di bonobo.
> Non so cosa sia esattamente.

io, di norma, quando non conosco un termine, uso 
da cui moniker sembra "roba" nativa MS..:,289893,sid9_gci293695,00.html

qua sotto riporto la voce


    In general, a moniker is a name or a nickname and, in the simplest 
terms, that is what it is in computer terminology as well. A moniker is 
an object (or component) in Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) 
that refers to a specific instance of another object. Monikers 
originated in Microsoft's Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) technology 
as a means of linking objects.

A moniker may refer to any single object, or may be a composite made of 
a number of separate monikers, each of which refers to a particular 
instantiation of an object. The moniker is sometimes referred to as an 
"intelligent name," because it retains information about how to create, 
initialize, and bind to a single instance of an object. Once created, 
the moniker holds this information, as well as information about the 
object's states in that specific instantiation.

Since COM is not language-specific, a moniker can be used with any 
programming language. The programmer gives the instantiation of the 
object a name. By calling the moniker in code, a programmer can refer to 
the same object with the same states. If, for example, a moniker is 
created for a query , the programmer can reuse the query simply by 
calling the moniker in the code, because the moniker itself has the 
necessary information.

> Chiedi a Cristopher Gabriel quando torna o a qualche sviluppatore
> italiano GNOME.