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Sat Sep 15 12:28:55 CDT 2001

Date: Sat Sep 15 12:28:55 CDT 2001. 
From: regusers@softwareforge.com


   This e-mail is sent to you because you are registered user of LinuxCAD
software, drafting program for Linux by Software Forge Inc.  


   LinuxCAD has come a long way since you  have purchased it. We are releasing
the third major version of LinuxCAD 2000.

   LinuxCAD 2000 v3.0 added many new features that you want to have.

Only in year 2001 we have added:

    - TrueType Fonts ;
    - Large Symbol Libraries ;
    - Support for Imaging Application ( now the raster background of
         scanned image can be overlayed transparently on top of
         the current drawing ) ;
    - Better Support for DWG and DXF files ;
    - Bug Fixes and new Commands added ;
    - Embedded Lisp Language Added ( now you can automate your work using
      Lisp routines );
    - Hatch Pattern Support and Library of Pre Defined Hatch Patterns Added ;
    - Support for Presentation Graphics and better color resolution
      for DeskJet.

  Users who has purchased LinuxCAD program in 1998, 1999 and first half of
 2000, You will not recognize  your LinuxCAD , so much better, compatible and 
so much more reliable it works today.

   You want to upgrade and take advantage of the new version of this 
unique drafting program for Linux.
  Considering current state of the market we can not provide the upgrade for
   But still the LinuxCAD 2000 upgrade to version 3.0 is very affordable.
The upgrade CD is inexpensive , it is only $40 .  

   You can order LinuxCAD 2000 v3.0 Upgrade CD from  www.linuxcad.com
   If you having difficulties connecting to the web site or if you feel more
comfortable ordering by telephone, call directly to our office at 913 663 1724.

   Software Forge Inc.
   develpers of the popular AutoCAD clone for Linux
   Tel: 913 6631724
   Tel: 913 696 9709
   Fax: 913 663 1091

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