Make money the easy way ...
Sat, 19 Jan 2002 17:37:36 -0500

This is a truly unusual business opportunity.  It is a "perfect matrix" -- completely forced so that everyone is 
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Once you join the matrix, you forget about it until the money starts coming in.  Everyone who joins gets 
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The matrix is 39 people.  Put in $104.00 now, and get $25 for each person in phase 1 or  $975.  Then those people follow you into phase 2 where you get paid $780 for each or $30,420. The last phase is 3 where those same people follow you and you get paid $7605 for each or $296,595 or a grand total of $327,990 in JUST A FEW MONTHS!  And this is paid into your very own international ATM cash card, backed in gold and US dollars.

That is $327,990 for a onetime cost of $104.  Once you get your cash card, you are paid daily whenever 
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And just think of the possibilities ... I personally have decided that I will reinvest 20% of whatever I get back 
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