lista quasi ufficiale per gnome 2.4

Alessio Dessi
Thu May 29 09:00:01 2003

Note that all of these apps must continue to meet the standards of
laid out in GEP 10, or they may be removed prior to the final 2.4
We would not expect that to happen very often, though. :-)
fontilus (now part of control-center)
themus (now part of control-center)
This module was removed from the proposed modules list at the author's
request. Further work to enrich the energy saving infrastructure will
be done, so it looks like battfink will be proposed again for 2.6.
There was a lot of vocal support for Epiphany on the mailing list, but
little for Galeon. So, the consensus points to Epiphany. That was due to
a number of factors: The Epiphany project goals seem to be better
aligned with GNOME's goals, the Galeon developers do not seem to be 100%
behind GNOME's goals; Epiphany has had regular releases for GNOME 2.3.x;
the Epiphany hackers are working within the project to define standards
and code for toolbar editing and other functionality, etc. While there
are a lot of reservations about offending the Galeon hackers, and great
disappointment that the two projects have not been able to cooperate,
Epiphany does seem to have the consensus, and make the most technical
sense. That is not to say that Epiphany is without faults, or that
Galeon is not excellent software -> we do need to make a choice at some
stage: Right now there is strong support to add a browser to the Desktop
release, and strong support for that browser to be Epiphany.
Paolo agreed to shift the most useful plugins into gedit, and remove
gedit-plugins from the proposed modules list. It will live on as a
separate cool-plugins-for-gedit package.
gswitchit, xklavier
There was not a lot of discussion or vocal support for these modules,
while there were suggestions that it would not work with previous
generation X servers, and queries about the user interface (such as
integration with control centre, what we really want out of keyboard
and language selection, etc). We should continue to watch this module
so we can fix these issues in 2.6.
Whilst there was a lot of support for some of seahorse's features in
the desktop release, its current state exposes implementation in a way
that many users will not immediately grasp. There were suggestions that
it could integrate with an address book system, that it could
concentrate on the common use cases of encrypting files and checking
signatures, etc. On the whole, it's great, but the interface is very
GPG-oriented, and it doesn't deeply integrate into GNOME. Hopefully,
we'll see it up for proposal again for 2.6.
We hope to have final proposals for these modules in the next few days.
This module is being discussed on d-d-l at the moment. Left undecided.

This module is being discussed on d-d-l at the moment. Left undecided.
We are leaving Totem as "undecided" for now, pending a 0.6.2 release
from the GStreamer team. If that indicates that the GStreamer backend
for Totem has a chance of working in the 2.4 timeframe, it will be
added to the final modules list. Note that we are not including DVD
support in our criteria for "working" - this simplifies distributor
issues anyway. It must be made clear that a media player is a very
important missing link in the GNOME Desktop release; if Totem with
gstreamer is not working for 2.4, then we should carefully consider
our options for 2.6, because it would be disappointing to go without a
media player in the Desktop release for that long.
Thanks to all of the maintainers who proposed modules for this release!