why your member is so small? :-)

Uher Gonzalo Rosa@mind-light.com
Lun 22 Gen 2007 22:42:32 CET

Hei Sir

I don't care why your Johnson is so small, but 84% of women do.
They are pretty sure that bigger woody will make their desire
stronger. You have the chance to change your life.

Here http://www.amberanddavien.com you can get the thing.

It will help you for sure.
The remedy can be sent worldwide.
If you wont be satisfied - we will return all you money.
No bullshit.

' Angling and Weekend Cottages ', with a picture of a carp caught on a hook.
     On  the  door  of  the second room  was a slightly  confusing notice: '
Writers' day-return rail warrants. Apply to M.V. Podlozhnaya.'
     The  next door bore a brief and completely incomprehensible  legend:  '
Perelygino'.  From  there  the  chance  visitor's  eye  would  be  caught by
countless  more notices pinned  to the  aunt's walnut doors : ' Waiting List
for Paper--Apply to Poklevkina ';
     'Cashier's Office '; ' Sketch-Writers : Personal Accounts ' . . .
     At  the head of the  longest  queue, which  started  downstairs at  the
porter's desk, was a door under constant siege labelled ' Housing Problem'.

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