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Mer 23 Gen 2008 19:55:38 CET

(Grace Baptist Churches Canada)

Dear Friend,
On behalf of the entire Church and board of trustee (Canada)bring you this good news. The church had found it so difficult to locate you for this pressing issue via normal post but the letters returned undelivered until we tried the email service. On behalf of our beloved Brother, Late Engr.Mark Dose who passed on to glory on the 21ist of March 2004 after a brief illness. late Engr.Mark Dose until his death was a former managing director and pioneer staff of a giant construction company, he was a devout Christian and a dedicated member of our parish, he was a great philanthropist and this earned him a papal award during his life time He lived and worked here as a foreigner(uruguayan) and requested before his death that he be buried here in his words" I regard here as my home and the people as my people" The good news here, is that he left a will in your name as a beneficiary to the bequest of the sum of US$3, 000.000 [Three million dollars] in the codicil and last testament o
 f the deceased. Few minute before our brother slept in the Lord, he personally instructed me to contact you hence I am the presiding minister of the Church and see that his will is being executed accordingly by his attorney NAME; Adriano Scott. He advised you use this money to support your Charity activities and help to the less privileged. Be informed that we are not mixing words here!!! With acknowledgement of this letter and for reconfirm purpose, endeavor to send me your full names and contact address to verify with what we have here. This will enable his lawyer execute this will accordingly, for the release of these funds to you. Also, forward back alongside TO ME AND ALSO A COPY OF THIS MAIL May the good Lord be with you. Congratulations! 
Yours in His service, 
REV; Jane Drabwell Presiding Minister

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