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- FOREIGN REMMITTANCE OFFICE(FRO) FEDERAL MINISTRY OF FINANCE(FMF) BLOCK (B). ZARIA ROAD ,GARKI, ABUJA . ABUJA, NIGERIA. OAGF/CNM/06/2007. Attn: Hon Contractor , OVER DUE CONTRACT PAYMENT TRANSFER ADVISE IN YOUR FAVOUR With all due respect,this is to notify you of a new order on the release of your contract fund held in the Second meeting on 24th Jun 2007 by the Federal executive members of the Federal Government of Nigeria ,The Senate commission on debt anagement and contract review payment,and office of the Accountant General of the federation. Prior to this proceeding anomalies,we have been mandated by the senior economic adviser to the president under the auspices of the Accountant General of the federation,to transfer the sum of US$10.550,000 into the federal Government reserved account,in your contract name:NNPCLNG900 with contract number RC445626-355808 On this note,i will not hesitate as we are under mandate to ensure that your fund is transferred immediately without further delay. In respect of this as we have already programmed your fund to be transferred as soon as we hear from you. Please confirm very urgently to enable me process the transfer logistics,immediately. Hence it has already been programmed, pending on your response to the above information. Please note that your urgent attention in this respect will be highly appreciated as it will help us to clear this subject matter at the earliest time and get your proceed transferred immediately as instructed. Nevertheless,i will assist you with all the required documents,whereas you will settle me with 40% of the contract fund when finally transfered into your Bank account and if there is any further delay from you,will amount in the cancellation of your contract number and makes the account unservicable.and bear it that this office will not be held liable for any wrongful transfer thereafter. Assuredly,this transaction will be legitimately certified by the Debt Management Office. Finally,you are advised to forward your valid telephone and fax numbers to me,for your easy access to the Federal Government Reserved Bank Account. I hope this meets your due response. DR BEN JAMES Esq Tele 234 70 41728205 Executive Secretary. For:Foreign Remmittance Office(FRO), Federal Ministry of Finance, Abuja 

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