Attn Sir, Your Contract Payment..

Musa Taofeek (Dr)
Mar 25 Ago 2009 11:01:33 CEST

UNA GF/GB/24/2009


Attn: Sir

With all due respect, this is to Officially Inform you of a New order on the release of your contract Payment held on the 24th Feb 2009 by the British ministry of finance (UNA-UK). The Senate commission on debt management and contract review payment, with the Accountant General of the federation.

period  to this proceeding meeting, we have been mandated by the senior economic adviser to the British ministry of finance  under the auspices of the Accountant General of the federation, to transfer the sum of US$10,550M Usd  to your nominated Bank Account from the British ministry of finance Reserved Account.

On this note we will not hesitate as we are under mandate to ensure that your payment is been transferred immediately without further delay to your Bank Account.

In respect to this, we have already programmed your fund to be transferred as soon as we hear from you.

Please confirm urgently, to enable me process and proceed with the transfer logistics, immediately. Hence it has been already been programmed, pending on your response to the above information to facilitate the Transfer.

Please note that your urgent attention in this respect will be highly appreciated as it will help us to clear this subject matter at the earliest time and proceed with your transfer immediately as instructed by The British ministry of finance.

Nevertheless I'll assist you with all the required documents, whereas you will settle me with 20% of the contract fund thereafter transfer into your Bank account, And if there is any further delay from you will Amount in the cancellation of your contract Payment and makes the account unserviceable. And bear it that this office will not be held liable for any wrongful transfer thereafter.

Assuredly, this transaction will be legitimately certified by the Debt Management Office and the auditor General of Federation to enable smooth transfer.

Finally, you are advised to forward the following Details to us, for your easy accesses to British ministry of finance Reserved Bank Account to reference this transfer.

Your Full Name: _____________________________
Your Complete Address:_______________________
Direct Telephone Number:______________________
Mobile Number:______________________________
Fax Number:__________________________________
Age: _______________________________________
Occupation: __________________________________
Scan Copy of Identity_________________________
Company Name (If any) Position and Address________

I hope this meets your due response as matter of Urgent.

Best Regards

(Dr) Musa Taofeek
Telephone number: +447031862615
Deputy Executive Director,
British ministry of finance

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