Volume up, ZVTK could double your money

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Gio 7 Maggio 2009 12:43:50 CEST

     Volume Up, ZVTK poised for steady price increase...   
 Dear Readers,  ZVTK*****ZVTK*****ZVTK*****ZVTK*****ZVTK     
 Ready to be illuminated!     
 If you bought the last two picks SLAT and EVII you potentially doubled your money by now.      
 I have brought several winners over the past week, and have been working on my next big pick, this little company has been trading up a storm of late, and looks like it could be poised to break out and if the chart tops out again, everyone could be looking at several times the current cost of a few cents.  COULD ZVTK BE THE NEXT 500% GAINER?     
 Put ZVTK on your screen, and pay close attention, because they have a product that can revolutionize the light bulb industry. ZVTK currently has products in several major retailers, and several international retailers.        
 The Ionic Bulb is an energy-saving 3-way light bulb with powerful air-cleaning abilities. A single Ionic Bulb is able to eliminate dust, pollen, pet dander, odors and smoke in a 100 square foot area, while reducing lighting energy costs by 75%. The innovative bulb also lasts 10 times longer, up to 7 years, saving the cost (and hassle) of bulb replacements. To increase awareness of this product and increase sales, the company has completed a two-minute infomercial.     
 As energy prices skyrocket, pollution levels continue to rise, and the general public expresses concern for the environment, industrial and consumer spending for green products and services is expected to accelerate. Zevotek is a company on the forefront of this paradigm shift and is strategically leveraging television and radio commercials, print advertising and distributing to retail venues to market a distinct and independent range of home care and household offerings.      
 I encourage all readers to go check out the company website, and recent news on this company, and I think you will all be glad you did. any new partnerships or developments could send this flying!     
 The early bird gets the worm!     
 Do not invest any money you cannot lose, this market is very risky and should be traded by sophisticated investors only.     
 IMPORTANT CYA: This is an add. We were paid to send this out. We only take on deals we feel have upside and that are willing to pay us. We never tell people to sell. The info in this piece is based on what the Company told us. What we believe MAY happen in the future may not come to pass this is a risky business. We don?t hold any licenses and this has not been approved by anyone. Don?t buy this or any company unless you can pay the band and handle a complete loss. We have been paid twenty five thousand dollars by D.T.G. for the dissemination of this report.  We could buy or sell any shares during this campaign, at prices below the target prices as necessary to cover expenses. Do your homework and check out any deal before putting your hard earned cash in it and talk to your own experts. Basically if you decide to buy in it?s your decision and you are on your own. Please be careful and bet with your head not over it. We want you to know that while our ad says buy we are selling so you can factor it in to your decision and we don?t get in trouble     
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