(Response Requested) - 2nd Notification

Sam sam@thecapitaldairycompany.co.uk
Mer 7 Apr 2010 04:26:21 CEST


I had sent an earlier mail to you on this matter without a reply. I am Samuel Young the credit manager of BFC Cayman Island.
I will like to discuss about a deceased family member's Fixed Deposit Account at B F C Cayman Island .
I am currently in the United Kingdom so you can call me on by email or telephone +44 1158 223108 for more information
on this.

Mr. Samuel Adam Young
TEL: 44 115 823 108 
FAX:+44 709 286 4823
B F C Cayman Island  

B F C (Cayman) Ltd. 
Address: Trafalgar Place W B Road
Georgetown Cayman Island

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