New sublevel added to Debian Installer: sublevel 6 (for recently changed strings)

Christian Perrier
Sab 7 Apr 2012 10:18:27 CEST


As we're beginning to target the release of Debian wheezy, I called
for a "soft freeze" of translatable strings in Debian Installer.

As of now, strings that need a change will be moved to a special
"sublevel" called "sublevel 6". Statistics from that sublevel will not
be counted in general statistics and, therefore, will not count as a
trigger to deactivate an incomplete translation.

This is meant to allow minor updates imacting translations without
"killing" a formerly complete translation work.

Still, these strings can be translated as they are gathered together.
This is this sublevel 6 and the attached file is the one for your

Please consider updating this translation the usual way: those of you
who have commit access and have no problem committing in D-I
repository, please do so in packages/po/sublevel 6. Others can send me
the file to update.

There is no deadline for this. The earlier, the better!

Many thanks for your work in Debian, past, present and future!

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