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Large American company which engaged in IT development and investment, looking for representatives in Europe to
cooperate with international holdings and distribution of investment in IT.
Since intercontinental bank transfers take a lot of time company needs staff to handle the funds of the company,
 it is assumed either part time or full time.

Salary - 4000 EUR monthly for 3 - 4 working hours a day.
However, your earnings may increase depending on the time you'll spend on quests, severity and loyalty to the company.

If you are interested in the prospect of a possible employment is presented below the job description
- Receive payments from our customers all over the world and treat them with banking schemes and cash transfers
- When processing each payment you receive an immediate bonus of 5% of the payment amount
- Maintain reporting and any necessary preparations to receive payments
- Be confident in the accuracy of the correctness and delivering them on time.

This position does not involve a change of residence,
and you will be able to work in the city and even in my area and you do not need to move anywhere.

This listing does not include fixed working hours and absolutely suitable for all sectors and age groups in our society.
You do not need to invest or spend their money, all the costs come at the expense of the company.

1. Elementary knowledge of the banking system and money transfer systems.
2. Ability to accept payments on your bank account at your bank.
3. Speed of processing tasks (send and receive payments) for a given system of money transfers.
4. Ability to check your email on the Internet at least once a day.

It is forbidden:
1. Breach of confidentiality and corporate ethics of our customers.
2. Deliberate delay in payment processing (already immediately after the receipt of funds in the account, in most cases, the company requires the fulfillment of tasks on the same day when you received a bank transfer to the account).
3. The statement about the impossibility to process the payment after receiving it.

If you breach any of the above paragraph will cease our cooperation.
If you are interested in this proposal, we suggest that you go through a trial period. For this purpose send your information to us.

These are:
1. Your full name
2. Your Age
3. Contact phone number with international format
4. Contact email address:

Send the data to the email address of company,and before sending check address. (Do not click button to answer.)

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