Asteroid To Hit Atlantic, Multiple Prophetic Warnings

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Il 17/12/2012 08:26 Prophecy News Bulletin ha scritto:
> The Lord has been giving many people warnings in recent weeks and
> months warning that His 'coming as a thief' is imminent. There will 
> be
> a lot of destruction that takes place along with this event.
> (The following hit Steve Quayle's site this morning Dec 12th and
> prompted me to put this email together)
> Hi Steve,
> My name is Mari. I wanted to share with you a dream I had last night.
> I dreamt there was what I thought was a ghost in my house, I was
> battling with it (I was afraid) trying hard to cast it out in Jesus
> name, it wouldn't go at some point I stopped struggling with him long
> enough for him to ask me "Why do you cast me out in the name of whom 
> I
> come?" It was not a ghost, but an angel.
> All I could do was listen and a peace filled me and he said "I bring
> for you a message." And he pulled out a scroll. As he unrolled it I
> saw a picture of a horse. The horse was in a running stance,
> determined. (The white horse in Rev. I believe) under his picture was
> words written in Hebrew I could not read.
> He unrolled the scroll further and there was the first trumpet and
> under it words written in Hebrew. Again he unrolled the scroll 
> further
> and I saw a second horse. It was angry, reared up on his hind leg
> punch the air with his front hooves (the second seal, the second
> horse, the fiery red one) and under him were words written in Hebrew.
> One more time he unrolled the scroll and I saw a picture of a second
> trumpet and under it words written in Hebrew. I looked up I could not
> speak but the question in me asked what is this and the answer came 
> to
> my heart in unspoken words "It is where we are at; it is NOW!" when I
> awoke The Lord lead me to Rev chapter 5 and I read from there through
> the trumpets and understood what I had dreamt. M.
> In my dream I heard someone yell, “Gabriel is blowing the
> trumpet!” and then after this, I saw a huge meteor or asteroid (not
> sure what the difference is between meteor and asteroid) coming down
> to an ocean (it was flying from the right side)…it looks like the
> with tall buildings and skyscrapers…it looks like it could be New
> York (but that's just my opinion). I saw the deep impact of the 
> meteor
> hitting the ocean. Then there was a great earthquake and then I saw
> graves/coffins popping up everywhere. I ask the people around me, "Is
> this the rapture?" and I woke up.
> As I was seeking the Lord through prayer and fasting through this 
> past
> May 2005, The Lord showed me a powerful vision. I was taken to the
> heavens above the earth and I could see the earth in a distance not 
> so
> far but clearly. Suddenly I heard a very loud sound and vibration 
> with
> a very heavy zoom sound coming my way, hundred times louder than that
> of a Boeing 747 Jet.
> I then saw a very huge rock almost the size of the moon zooming past
> me at a very high speed with a large tail of fire besides and behind
> it. In The vision I was made to feel the waves of vibrations and the
> heat it generated that hit me but I was protected. It was like 
> someone
> was holding me by my collar and snatched me out of its way to a safe
> distance. I then could see other splintering rocks falling of this
> huge burning object and catching fire themselves.
> I looked where it was headed, I knew it was headed for planet earth
> and thought well, I hope it lands in the ocean, not many people will
> die. However, it seemed targeted to the ocean and the United States. 
> I
> was like, no Lord no! However, it kept its course targeting the ocean
> and the United States, it seemed as though someone was controlling 
> its
> path unhindered and sure to hit its target. The vision ended. I 
> shared
> the vision with a Prayer Warrior Sister who then told me I had a
> vision of Rev 8:10-11.
>  (Kato)
> I was then taken to a room where I saw men around some very high tech
> gadgets with screens that looked more like flat screen computer
> panels…but this was very high tech, technology I have never seen
> before…I knew the men were angels, they were all dressed in white
> robes and they turned on one flat screen panel and showed me the
> trajectory of the Wormwood star, then I was shocked to look and 
> behind
> Wormwood was another star following the same trajectory, just few
> distance behind Worm Wood and again headed for the Ocean and the
> United States…they all seemed to have the United States in their
> path…
> (Kato)
> I was taken to the Chiefs Football Arrowhead Stadium, here in Kansas
> City. I knew it was fall and the beginning of the Football Season. In
> the Vision it looked like evening and the stadium was parked to
> capacity with everyone putting on their red Chiefs outfits, the
> stadium was all red as it is normally here with Chiefs games in 
> Kansas
> City.
> The game was going on as usual and suddenly there was a very __ in 
> the
> sky…and then a huge object I had seen previously in my May vision
> lit the sky with red fire and zoomed passed across the sky…with very
> power vibrations that threw everyone off their sits and shook the
> stadium…
> Everyone in the stadium begun to scream and go hysterical, and run 
> too
> and fro but could not leave the stadium. The huge ball of fire flew
> from the east across to the west. I knew it was Wormwood. The Stadium
> officials seemed to have had a clue about the coming disaster but did
> not warn anyone and also they locked the stadium doors and no one
> could go out.
> I then saw something amazing, people begun to fall on their knees and
> pray to God, they knew they were going to die anytime soon. I even 
> saw
> young toddlers who had come to the game with their parents praying
> too.
> I was then taken back to the blockbuster place and people saw the
> object and heard the band and vibrations but seemed not to care about
> it, some said, “ I will die watching a movie”…
>  (Update.. the new info about 2012 posted below, now makes this date
> very interesting)
>  (Kato)
> After this, I was shown the debris and damage floating all the way on
> the __ like the force of the moving star caused the debris of
> destroyed buildings to float all the way from Europe and dumped it at
> the east coast of America with more excessive damage…I remembered
> the Tsunami, it looked like very small compared to the Wormwood
> damage… (Mark note, once again Kato erroneously mentions Wormwood)
> October 15th 2012 , My dream started with me visiting people at their
> homes, during the night time I notice noise was outside, so I walked
> outside and it was a night sky with stars , that where very clear to
> see, then all of a sudden I saw these Angelic beings by the thousands
> of thousands flying through the sky but yet they were close enough to
> see. So in amazement I shouted towards them "ARE YOU ANGELS".. they
> would not answer me, then as I was watching I heard this Loud noise 
> as
> of a __ in the heavens as of Thunder and out of that noise came
> Hundreds of meteorites that came from the Sky, and before they landed
> and hit the earth they were coming down as Fire balls of rock.. and
> exploded on the earth causing great and terrible damage to the earths
> surface, People where running around trying to find places to hide 
> but
> really there wasn't much room or places for them to hide.. massive
> quakes started as they hit and massive explosions of fire came as a
> result from them hitting. Then I woke up.
> (Mark note, the man asked if they were angels and received no reply,
> it may be that they are wedding guests or first fruits, going to, or
> coming back from, the wedding of Matthew 22)
> (Susan's lengthy 'waterwheel' vision is a very mysterious and 
> detailed
> vision that is hard to understand unless you are aware of the story 
> of
> Revelation 12 and the truths about the Holy 'Manchild'. The 
> waterwheel
> and the fiery cloud coming together in the vision represents the
> Manchild coming into his great power and glory which is the Kingdom 
> of
> God coming into the earth. The vision also clearly links certain
> events in Revelation 8 to the timing of the wedding in heaven and the
> judgement associated with the blowing of the second trumpet and the
> space rock of Rev 8; 8) Read about Rev 12 and the Manchild at
> Prophecies Org
> Here are some excerpts...
> The waterwheel was almost to the cloud now. It was beginning to shake
> and to turn very fast. The cloud then touched the waterwheel and the
> waterwheel leaped violently as they both collided in the sky. The
> cloud quickly burst forth and just as suddenly grew as large as the
> waterwheel and engulfed it. I was shocked. The whole wheel was in the
> cloud and it was becoming a great tempest because of both of their
> combined powers merging. I was also getting very close and I could
> hear the shouts coming from within the cloud and they were so loud
> that I could swear that the people on earth could hear them.
> Suddenly the cloud became still. The tempest grew silent, the voices
> ceased. I also stopped moving. The wheel was still in the cloud, but
> nothing was happening now. The wind stopped blowing. The air was 
> still
> thick and heavy with moisture. There was silence everywhere. It was
> almost eerie. My hair began to stand up on my arms and neck. It was
> awesome as I waited to see what would happen. Something was happening
> in heaven. I could feel the anticipation of heaven itself. I waited
> with my heart pounding. All of a sudden I heard the sound of a door
> opening somewhere. I could hear the door moving as it opened in it’s
> casing. There was an inrush of air as if the door hadn’t been opened
> for awhile.
> Suddenly I was in a room in heaven. I saw many angels busy moving
> about gathering various things from the tables and cabinets in the
> room. The room was brilliant and the tables and cabinets gleamed. The
> angels were very serious, and concentrated on their task. I saw that
> one angel has a flask and it looked like it has fire burning within
> it. Another angel had a blue bottle and it looked like water in that
> one. Another angel has a long tube-like container and it was filled
> with a golden liquid, which I then knew was oil. Next to that angel
> stood a smaller angel and this one has a bowl and in it was blood. 
> All
> 4 angels were carefully holding their containers and moving towards
> the door with them. I watched them curiously. I wondered where they
> were going with them.
> “Come and see.” I turned, and an angel stood there smiling at me.
> I followed him as he went before me through the door out into a large
> open area. There were multitudes of angels, and saints, and beings 
> and
> they were all gathering here . I didn’t see the Lord, but I could
> feel him. The angel stopped and turned and waved his arm towards the
> group who stood with their various vessels. I then saw another angel
> then come and he held a very large bowl and he came up to the group 
> of
> angels and he held his bowl out towards them and one by one, each
> angel poured their container into this large bowl the angel held. The
> containers all mixed in the bowl and when it did, the result was
> astounding. The bowl literally exploded. Great ripples seemed to 
> break
> out through the atmosphere itself. I thought that heaven would be
> split open by it’s intensity. The bowl shook and flames leaped out
> as if to engulf anyone near it. But the angel holding the bowl was
> calm and only smiled.
> He then walked over to an area and there was a ledge. He smiled at 
> all
> of us, and he then poured the bowl out into the sky and the contents
> blasted and roared and poured downwards. I ran over and looked down 
> to
> see where the contents went. I saw that below the place we were in 
> the
> heavens, was the cloud below us and the wheel within that cloud.
> Evidently the mixed contents were going to hit that cloud. As I
> watched, suddenly from behind me a great wind blew past me and leaped
> downward after the mixture that was speedily lunging towards the
> cloud. The wind caught up with the mixture and when the wind hit it,
> it broke up into a million flames that fell violently downwards. Each
> little flame had the wind within it now. Millions of flames that
> roared with a great wind within them.
> I watched flames hit the cloud and when they did a great storm broke
> out as the cloud was filled with wind and fire and blood and oils, 
> and
> water. Suddenly shouts and singing and laughter, and prayer broke
> forth from within the cloud and it exploded like a volcano. When it
> did this it poured live molten lava or a fiery rain and poured down
> over the waterwheel that was in the cloud. The wheel spun and roared
> as the liquids fiercely flowed over it and raced towards the earth
> below. I was so excited by this that I wanted to see what happened
> when it hit the earth. Suddenly I found myself back where I was
> hovering in the sky watching the fiery rain coming from the turning
> wheel ever so much closer to the earth. I could still hear the 
> shouts,
> and singing, and laughing and prayers within each drop. It was
> amazing! Each drop had it’s own voice, and wind within it.
> The flood of waters were churning even more as they raced towards the
> planet below. It seemed like the earth began to anticipate it’s
> nearness because it began to shake and to vibrate with the same
> intensity that the approaching flood had. I could see that the people
> on the earth were shaken by the quaking and many were awakened by 
> this
> upheaval. The closer it got the more the waters increased. It almost
> looked like one massive wave of churning brilliant lights and colors
> and sounds all flowing within itself. The earth began to have The 
> very
> atmosphere of the earth was reacting to the flow from heaven. The
> atmosphere was charged with electricity. Most of the earth’s people
> ran and hid where they could because of the upheavals in the earth 
> and
> the storms.
> I could see some people did stand outside to see what was happening.
> Suddenly I was also standing among those on earth. I was also looking
> up with them. I could not see the rains yet, but I could feel them as
> they neared. The people around me grew quiet, and they suddenly many
> of them fell to their knees. Many were singing, some were shouting,
> some were laughing, and all were crying. I looked back just in time 
> to
> see the most awesome sight. The waterwheel was just above the earth
> and the storm of water, blood, fire, and oil was a massive wave of
> roaring, pulsating life was just about to hit us. I began to shake
> almost violently now, and everyone was shaking too. I began to burn
> inside and it felt like burning love filled me. I could actually feel
> wind blowing inside of me. I felt alive, and bubbling inside like I
> had never felt before. I looked at my hands, and oil was coming out 
> of
> them. I looked up and the massive wave hit us that were watching. 
> -The
> vision ended.
> But, I tell you now that the foundations of the earth shall be 
> shaken!
> The earth shall rock! It shall be moved exceedingly. The heavens 
> shall
> be moved! Back and forth, they will go! The deeps of the earth and 
> the
> deeps of the oceans shall sigh! They shall move! The stars will be
> moved! Yes, moved exceedingly!
> And, eyes, which can see, will see My hand in all things! For, in the
> heavens come lights and bodies, which did not previously exist! A
> dread is upon the planets; for there comes a great upsurge in My
> power, a great tearing, a great splitting in the heavens! In the
> cosmos, bitter signs! Two suns! Now, three lights! All foreboding of 
> a
> terrible upheaval in the earth! A splitting and a cracking! Terrible
> cracking in the earth! Waves so high! Terrible waves, with some
> thinking that the waves are as high as the sky!
> Oh, so dreadful are the days, which are upon the whole earth; and My
> hand is outstretched still. What is your choice, oh you wayward ones?
> Will you love money until death? Will you love the world and what is
> in it until your death?
> Will you remain a slave to the flesh? Will you continue to worship 
> the
> flesh and all of its earthly pleasures?
> I tell you that there comes a snap, a very great snap, like a
> lightening snap and this snap of light will beat earth! It will burn
> the earth! It will burn it and will cut deeply into the earth.
> A fury! Yes, a fury in the earth! And, the power will blink and fail!
> Oh, what a tale to tell! A blinking! A dread! So terrible, indeed; 
> for
> those in the world would not heed My word! They would not listen! 
> They
> would not obey Me! And, in the dark, they will ponder their choices!
> Oh, so great shall be the calamities and the lawlessness, and the
> violence and the gang warfare! Every man for himself! Every wicked
> deed, no longer in secret, but open and revealed!” (end excerpt)
> I heard a very in the spirit realm and when I looked I saw a very 
> dark
> wall. This wall was so close that I could almost touch it if I 
> reached
> out to do so. When I asked our Saviour what I was seeing, He told me
> that this great collision is the collision of great darkness, which 
> is
> upon the whole world. I asked Him what He meant by this and He told 
> me
> great wars, spread of terrible diseases, famines, great upheavals in
> the Earth and great loss of life will come out of this great 
> collision
> of darkness!
> I looked out in space and I saw a very large rock, which is now 
> headed
> toward the Earth. It is a monster! Then, I looked in the Spirit and
> saw this great flaming rock again and it was soaring through the
> atmosphere! It fell in the Atlantic Ocean and appeared to fall just
> south, to southeast of Bermuda. At that moment, I knew that when this
> great rock falls, it will cause tidal waves, which will inundate
> Florida and may very well cause the great flooding, which I have seen
> in Arkansas.
> For about two months, during this past summer, as I travelled the
> country roads of Faulkner County Arkansas, I repeatedly saw water in
> the valleys over the tops of the houses and well up the trees. This
> was a shocking sight; and I knew that this could not be far off! I do
> not know when this giant space rock will hit, but I do not believe
> that it is far off. I am left wondering if the militaries of the 
> world
> will hit this rock with weapons and blow it apart, with pieces of it
> falling in different parts of the world. The rock in space appeared
> bigger than what I saw falling into the Atlantic, but still this 
> rock,
> which I saw falling into the Atlantic, is very large!
> Will the falling of this rock set off the New Madrid Fault and
> possibly others as well! When this rock struck the ocean, I saw the
> Earth open up and crack in the above vision! (end of Linda's post)
> , excerpts from Book 8 Chapter 16 Prophecies Org
> "My Child, you have come to Me this morning asking for understanding
> of certain calamities, which are coming into the Earth."
> "Yes, my Father and I asked you if you would also make these
> revelations known to Your people."
> "Yes, My Child, you asked about the date of 2012 and the ancient
> knowledge of December 21st and 22nd of this year as the ‘end of
> Earth.’"
> "Yes, my Father, I have wondered about this for some time and whether
> this date is more occult mumbo-jumbo. But, the more I learn of it, 
> the
> more I read of it, the more I wonder if it is significant."
> "My Child, over and over I have told you that all is not set in 
> stone;
> but that much depends upon the actions of mankind on this planet."
> "Yes, my Father, You have said these things."
> "Over and over, I have pleaded with you to repent; for through
> repentance you can change both the timing and the severity of the 
> tide
> of these events."
> .......................................................................................................................................................................................
> "So, My Child, as I showed you, energy from this central sun is
> traveling into this system via the very large door within the heart 
> of
> the sun and it is accelerating what already is there, and darkness
> will be accelerated toward destruction, and light accelerated toward
> its source. Understand?"
> "Yes, my Father."
> "Now, as I have shown you, at some point in time, a final wave will
> rush through the very heart of this sun. You have seen the date as it
> has been written millennia ago, … December 21st and 22nd, 2012."
> "Yes, my Father, and my question has been, ‘Is this so?’"
> "And, My answer to you is this. If mankind continues in the same
> destructive course without serious repentance, this will come to
> pass."
> In closing my friends, now is the time to repent because you do not
> know when you are going to take your last breath. Every sin you have
> ever committed in life is stuck to your soul and you need to take 
> them
> to Jesus, even the little ones. Your sins will not be forgiven you
> because of belief in Jesus Christ alone, contrary to popular belief 
> it
> does not work that way.
> The 'wolves in sheeps clothing' have led the people astray regarding
> Salvation. Believing in Jesus does not gain you entrance into heaven.
> You must become remorsefull for your sins. Make a list of them and 
> get
> on your knees before Jesus and confess everyone of them with great
> remorse and sincerity. When you have confessed your sins before the
> Lord, come out of the world and all of its traps and quit sinning
> period.
> Multitudes are going to hell because of idolatry and it does not
> matter what the idol is, the world is full of them. Watching violence
> and perversion on TV or at the movies is an abomination to the Lord
> and it is going to land you in hell. Addictions of any kind 
> whatsoever
> are fed by demons and will also land you in hell.
> Unforgiveness of others will land you hell, fornication and adultery
> will land you in hell. Stealing pencils and paper from the workplace
> will land you in hell, there is no such thing as minor sin. Stealing
> is stealing. Jesus commanded us to be perfect even as our Father in
> Heaven is perfect. He said the path was narrow, and the gate was
> straight, He did not say that every Tom, Dick and Harry that went to
> church on Sunday was going to get eternal life. The Apostle Peter 
> made
> it clear when he said that those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ
> are those who keep His commandments. That also means keeping the
> Sabbath my friends.
> May God convict you to repent of your sins and also to quit sinning
> before it is too late.
> Visit Prophecies Org to read the Obama Antichrist prophecies. The
> warnings are essential reading for everyone. Also look up the false
> rapture warnings in Chapter 78. Millions are going to be deceived by
> the churches, the televangelists and the media.

Ma ce ne sono di idioti nel mondo...

Chi e' pronto a rinunciare alle proprie liberta' fondamentali per 
comprarsi briciole di temporanea sicurezza non merita ne' la liberta' 
ne' la sicurezza.(Benjamin Franklin - dalla Risposta al Governatore, 
Assemblea della Pennsylvania, 11 novembre 1755)

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