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Contractor Miss Liisa Marja
Sab 7 Gen 2012 15:53:24 CET

I am a woman of middle age of 60 year, retired contractor, from Estonia,by name Miss Liisa Marja, Please, i want you to assist me retrieve and transfer my fund to your country, for investment. I inherited this fund from some contracts i did when i was young, with some British contractors in London, but due to some sating barriers and old age, some of this fund are still hold in some British finance house in London Europe,  more details will be giving to you upon your response.

If you assist me transfer this fund to your country, to your country for investment, I will give you 20 percent from the total fund, as a compensation for your help.
Kindly reply me urgently.
Yours Faithfully,
Miss Liisa Marja

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