Become our Remote Assistant and help us cure other people!
Ven 25 Maggio 2012 17:00:28 CEST


First of all we would like to thank you for your interest in our proposal.
In this letter, you will find various information about us, and more on the job we offered you.

Who are we?
We are a small clinic of plastic surgery, located in Russia.
Our clients are people from all over the world who come to Russia for quality and affordable health care.
What is the essence of your future work?
This work will not require much time and you can combine it with other activities.

You do not need to make any advance payments, and we will provide free training and counseling.
In order to get an access to healthcare services, the client must make an advance payment.
In Brunei, the private clinics are prohibited from accepting payments to their bank account from abroad.
Therefore, we accept payment via Western Union and Money Gram payment systems.
Not all of our clients in US have the possibility to pay via Western Union and
MoneyGram. Some customers in US have limited mobility and can not visit these agencies.
Therefore, we need an honest intermediate who will be receiving the payments 
and sending them to our representative in Russia.
Payment for these services is 10% off the sent amount. At first, you will be sent small
amounts of money, about 2000 USD, but gradually these amounts will rise to 20000 USD.

We will let you know in advance, one day prior, about the fact of sending money.
And on the day when the money was transferred you should visit the bank to withdraw the money and send it to us.
It will take from 1 to 2 hours.

What’s next?

Fill in the form and send it to my personal email: On the basis of this form our security service will check the data provided by you.

If everything is ok, we will send you a contract and start working. All fields in the form must be filled in.


1. Full name
2. Cell phone number
3. Residential phone number (landline)
4. Full residential address:
5. If you have a spouse, please provide a cell phone number of your spouse
6. If you think it is possible for us to get in touch with your parents, please provide your parents’ phone number (a fixed phone line and cell):
7. Please specify which bank  you have bank account with?
8. Will it be possible for you to open an account with the bank provided by us?
9. Do you have any experience in this kind of work?
10. Would you be interested in involving your friends in this job? If yes, how many people would you be able to involve?
(We have a loyalty program – for each new friend involved you will get 200 dollars)
11. Your birth date 
12. What is your professional specialty?
13. Place of work and work phone number (if you’re unemployed, please indicate the previous place of work)

We need a phone number of your spouse and parents for two reasons – first it is necessary to carry out checks
and to contact you in case of unavailability of the primary phone, provided by you. 

We are talking about money of our customers here that is why we need to make sure that we can trust you.

With best regards,
Dr. Yurii Melnikov

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