New Maryland Bill Brings Excellent News for Nuvilex, Inc.'s Subsidary

Lun 15 Apr 2013 23:39:33 CEST

Nuvilex, Inc.’s Medical Marij. Subsidiary Receives Good News with New
Maryland Bill
Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX) and its subsidiary Medical Marij.Sciences, Inc.
got some excellent news this week as Maryland lawmakers approved a bill
allowing medical marij.  programs at research centers.  The Silver Spring,
Maryland, biotechnology firm can take full advantage of the new law as soon
as Maryland Governor, Martin O'Malley, signs the bill which he has implied
he is likely to do.
There is a real snowball effect taking hold in the country lately, and
feelings continue to roll more and more toward legalizing marij.  In a Pew
Research Center poll late last week, 52% of Americans now approve
legalizing marij.  This is the first time a majority of Americans have
favored marij.’s legalization in this poll, and according to Pew, the
included in polls since 1969.  Estimations are that the marij. business
will reap incomes beating $3-billion by 2015 and twice that by 2018.  The
marij. snowball is building and building fast!
The Maryland legislature approved the bill overwhelmingly with a vote of 42
to 4, joining a growing number of states and Washington, D.C. that are now
taking a more favorable approach to medical marij..  Opinions are obviously
changing in the United States over the long-time divisive topic, and for
potential patients this is great news.
This news clears the way for Nuvilex to get working diligently on its
research at Medical Marij. Sciences.  Before this measure, company
officials had a long road of preparation laid out before them to set up the
accommodations able to do the sort of research the subsidiary has planned
and remain exempt from prosecution.  This measure will eradicate a large
Nuvilex COO, Dr. Gerald Crabtree announced Maryland’s bill passing is
good news for the company’s future.
“As a growing amount of states allow the use of marij. for medicinal
purposes, it enables more and more our planned search for treatments for
serious and deadly diseases, like pancreatic and brain cancers that use
parts of the marij. plant.
The fact that Maryland has of late approved a bill that will allow research
in the medical marij. area is essential to Nuvilex, partially, because the
company's head offices are located inside the state.  This, in turn, should
aid us because we should be able to develop collaborations for our research
efforts that are 'close to home' so to speak, and in this way, R&D expenses
for our medical marij. activities can be optimized.”

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