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Date: 2013/12/26
Subject: [klavaro:bugs] #32 Wrong translation in Italian
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** [bugs:#32] Wrong translation in Italian**

**Status:** open
**Labels:** translation
**Created:** Thu Dec 26, 2013 06:58 PM UTC by Peter Bittner
**Last Updated:** Thu Dec 26, 2013 06:58 PM UTC
**Owner:** Felipe Castro

I'm a happy Klavaro user on Ubuntu, and I've noticed a somewhat funny
translation mistake: The button captions of "Next step" and "Previous step"
are translated the wrong way round.

  #: ../data/klavaro.glade.h:70
  msgid "_Previous step"
  msgstr "_Passaggio successivo"

  #: ../data/klavaro.glade.h:72
  msgid "_Next step"
  msgstr "Passaggio precede_nte"

Source file location:

Desired solution:
1) translation of "_Previous step" should read "Passaggio precede_nte"
2) translation of "_Next step" should read "_Passaggio successivo"
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