Unsollicited job application as Customer Application Engineer.

Gianfranco Marchi gmarchi@thefiler.com
Lun 14 Gen 2013 12:21:36 CET

Dear tp@lists.linux.it.

My name is Gianfranco Marchi and Iím looking for a position at your
company as World wide Customer Application Engineer, World wide
Technical Supporter or Programmer.

As first thing I apologize if this e-mail has been sent to you even you
have no relation to the Employment or Human Resources Department of your

The reason of that is the method I collected your E-mail address.
This I done by use of a computer program that I specifically wrote to
collect E-mail addresses through the Internet from all technology
companies around the world.

This in the attempt to get in touch with a company that can make use of
my skills!

Even Iíve put a lot of efforts to make sure that ONLY ONE E-mail is sent
to each E-mail address that my computer program discovers on the
Internet; it could be that in some rare occasions more than one e-mail
is sent to the same e-mail address.
If this should happen to you, please inform me so I can correct my
program so you will never be disturbed again by my E-mails.

In any case, could you be so kind to forward this E-mail to the
Personnel Department of your Company.

Thank you very much in advance.

My best regards.
Gianfranco Marchi
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