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What was wrung from the few by forced labour and loss of freedom could be returned to the many by a sort of national salvation.You could spend the fortune wisely--agents and missionaries everywhere; in the cafes, in the bazaars, in the palace, at court. Judicious gifts: and, at last, would come a firman or decree putting down slavery, on penalty of death. The fortune would all go, of course, but think of the good accomplished! Well, its like company promoting, Dicky interposed, hugely enjoying the comedy, and thinking that Kingsley had put the case shrewdly. It was sure to confuse her. You have to clear the way, as it were. The preliminaries cost a good deal, and those who put the machinery in working order have to be paid. Then theres always some important person who holds the key of the situation; his counsel has to be asked. Advice is very expensive. But if you got your way? 

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