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But Mascarille comments on the beauties of his verses with the insolent vanity of a man who does not pretend to have even one atom of modesty; Trissotin, a professional wit, listens in silence, but with secret pride, to the ridiculous exclamations of the admirers of his genius.]  MASC. Listen if you like the tune: _hem, hem, la, la. _ The inclemency of the season has greatly injured the delicacy of my voice but no matter, it is in a free and easy way. (_He sings_). _Oh! Oh! quite without heed was I_, etc. MASC. Do you not think that the air perfectly well expresses the sentiment, _stop thief, stop thief? _ And then as if some one cried out very loud, _stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop thief! _ Then all at once like a person out of breath, _Stop thief! _  MASC. But I beg of you to applaud it well, when we shall be there; for I have promised to give a helping hand to the piece. The author called upon me this very morning to beg me so to do. 

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		Caro cliente, 
		Il corriere della nostra societa non e 
		riuscito a consegnare il pacco 
		a Suo indirizzo. 
		Motivo: Lerrore nellindirizzo della consegna. 
		Lei potra personalmente ricevere il pacco presso Suo 
		ufficio postale. 
		Lei ha da stampare questo documento per 
		poter ricevere il pacco 
		nellufficio postale. 
		Alla presente lettera e allegato il documento postale.
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