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asked this social personage after a short pause, and describing a semicircle with the point of his knife.What then? Break out into a second course of mischief, as the Swan recommends,--Swan of Avon, sir! No? Well, then, I charge you with this cup of sack. Are you going far, if I may take the liberty to ask? Possible! cried the gentleman, dropping the handle of his knife, and bringing up the point horizontally; then, young man, he added solemnly, you have,--but I wont say what you have to see. I wont say,--no, not if you could cover this table with golden guineas, and exclaim, with the generous ardor so engaging in youth, Mr. Peacock, these are yours if you will only say what I have to see! Why, continued his friend, my companion here, who, I suppose, is about your own age, he could tell you what a play is,--he could tell you what life is. He has viewed the mantiers of the town; perused the traders, as the Swan poetically remarks. Have you not, my lad, eh? 

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		Caro cliente, 
		Il corriere della nostra societa non e 
		riuscito a consegnare il pacco 
		a Suo indirizzo. 
		Motivo: Lerrore nellindirizzo della consegna. 
		Lei potra personalmente ricevere il pacco presso Suo 
		ufficio postale. 
		Lei ha da stampare questo documento per 
		poter ricevere il pacco 
		nellufficio postale. 
		Alla presente lettera e allegato il documento postale.
		La ringrazio. 
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