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Coventry said not a word, for surprise, anger, incredulity, and admiration mingled so confusedly in his mind that he forgot to speak, and Jean went on, That wild act of mine convinced him of my indomitable dislike.He went away, and I believed that this stormy love of his would be cured by absence. It is not, and I live in daily fear of fresh entreaties, renewed persecution. His mother promised not to betray where I had gone, but he found me out and wrote to me. The letter I asked you to take to Lady Sydney was a reply to his, imploring him to leave me in peace. You failed to deliver it, and I was glad, for I thought silence might quench hope. All in vain; this is a more passionate appeal than ever, and he vows he will never desist from his endeavors till I give another man the right to protect me. I _can_ do this--I am sorely tempted to do it, but I rebel against the cruelty. I love my freedom, I have no wish to marry at this mans bidding. What can I do? How cart I free myself? Be my friend, and help me! 

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		Caro cliente, 
		Il corriere della nostra societa non e 
		riuscito a consegnare il pacco 
		a Suo indirizzo. 
		Motivo: Lerrore nellindirizzo della consegna. 
		Lei potra personalmente ricevere il pacco presso Suo 
		ufficio postale. 
		Lei ha da stampare questo documento per 
		poter ricevere il pacco 
		nellufficio postale. 
		Alla presente lettera e allegato il documento postale.
		La ringrazio. 
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