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--It also showeth, for the instruction of Men      and States, the connection between democratic opinion and wounded      self-love; so that, if some Liberal statesman desire to rouse      against an aristocracy the class just below it, he has only to      persuade a fine lady to be exceedingly civil to that sort of      people.Vance approached the candles and took the letter. He glanced first at the signature. Darrell, he exclaimed. Oh, it is so, then! He read with great attention, put down the letter, and shook Lionel by the hand. I congratulate you: all is settled as it should be. Go? of course: you would be an ill-mannered lout if you did not. Is it far from hence must you return to town first? VANCE (soliloquizing). --And yet Her Serene Sublimity-ship, Lady Selina Vipont, says to me with divine compassion, Not in the way of your delightful art to know such men as Mr. Darrell! 

			Order: KGH-4510-97134881
			Order Date: 
				Thursday, 24 January 2013, 10:24 AM
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			at January 29.Our courier was unable to deliver 
			the parcel to you.
				To receive your parcel, please, go to the 
				nearest office and show this receipt.
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