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Mer 13 Ago 2014 06:10:31 CEST

Good afternoon,
On behalf of Hieroglifs International we would like to let you know of special offers that we have this summer.
Our company has various services to our business partners – starting from 
-translation services in 150 languages for competitive prices starting from 10 EUR per page, 
-braille translation services – dedicated for people with weakened sight,
-desktop publishing services when printing booklets, manuals or books, 
-IT and design services - website design and maintenance services, blog design services, graphic design services,
-copywriting services - we will write the content for your webpage, blog or brochure,
- marketing services – social marketing, email marketing, SEO etc. 
Hieroglifs International offices are situated in Romania, Latvia, Italy and Great Britain. Our services are already chosen by such well known companies as Lavazza, Kepro, Casinetto, Tegola, Mutti, TJ Taylor ( covering different industries and we believe that we could be valuable and serve also for you. 
Our field of expertise are languages and making communication possible where otherwise there would be misunderstanding and silence. As a business we are a little wheel in an enormous machine. But that wheel can change the way you work.
SPECIAL OFFER: the chances of getting a client are based on how well your company is represented online and how well you can communicate your services and/or products. For that matter we now have a special offer for August and September 2014! 
-          Social media (Facebook) marketing services – 150 EUR per month. We will manage your Facebook page in interesting manner and will increase your follower list. 
-          Design services – 25% discount, but precise price depends on the order – either brochure, poster or leaflet. 
Please let me know if you would be interested to receive more detailed information regarding our services and price quotes.
Thank you a lot,
Irena Cippa Triskina 
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