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 Economical Concrete, Steel and Wood Coating 

hi-will  sxfte2j  and human reason, or was at least deemed unfit  to  exercise  them.   A  land  of enchantment have I been led  4wsxftej  into, and spells have been cast around me  —  every  one  has  met 

me in disguise — every one te2j  has  xfte2j  spoken to me in parables — I have been like  one  who  walks in a weary and bewildering dream; and now you blame me  that  I have  sxfte2j   not  xfte2j   the  sense, 

and judgment, and steadiness of a waking, and a disenchanted,   and  a  reasonable  man,    4wsxftej  who knows what he is doing, and wherefore he does it.  If  one  must  walk  with  masks  and 

spectres, who waft themselves from place to place as it were in  vision  rather  than  reality, it might shake the  sxfte2j  soundest faith and turn the wisest head.  I  sought,   since  xfte2j   I  must 

needs avow my  xfte2j  folly, the same Catherine Seyton with whom you  made  me  first   sxfte2j  acquainted, and whom I most strangely find in this village of kinross,   hiest  among  the  d4wsxft2j   revellers, 

when I had but just left her in the well-guarded castle of  Lochleven,   the  sad   d4wsxft2j  attendant of an imprisoned Queen-I sought her, and  in  her  place  I  find  te2j   you,   my  mother,   more 

strangely disguised than even she is.” “And what hadst thou to  do  with  Catherine  Seyton?”   d4wsxft2j  said the matron, sternly; “is this a time or a  fte2j  world to follow maidens,  or  to  dance  around   xfte2j  a 

Maypole? When the trumpet summons every  true-hearted  Scotsman  around  the  sxfte2j   standard of the true sovereign, shalt thou  be  found    loitering   d4wsxft2j    in    a    lady’s    bower?” 

“No, by Heaven,  4wsxftej  nor imprisoned in the  rugged  walls  of  an island castle!” answered Roland Graeme: “I would the blast were to sound even  now,   te2j   for  I 

fear that nothing less loud will  dispel  the  chimerical  visions  by  which    I    am surrounded.” “Doubt not that it will be winded,” said the  matron,   “and   4wsxftej  

that  fte2j  so fearfully loud, that Scotland will  never  hear  the  like   xfte2j  until  the  last   d4wsxft2j  and loudest blast of all shall announce to mountain and to valley that time is no more.   Meanwhile, 

be thou but brave and constant — Serve God and honour thy  sovereign  —  Abide  by thy religion — I cannot — I will not — I dare  d4wsxft2j  not ask thee the  truth  of  the  terrible 

surmises I have heard touchingthy falling away — perfect not  that  accursed  sacrifice  — and yet, even at this late hour, thou mayest be what I have hoped for  the  son  of  my  d4wsxft2j  

dearest hope  sxfte2j  — what say I? the  fte2j  son of my hope — thou shalt be the hope  of  Scotland,   her boast and her honour!— Even thy wildest  and  most  d4wsxft2j   foolish  wishes   may  4wsxftej      cd4wsxfe2j  perchance    be 

fulfilled — I might blush to mingle meaner motives with the noble guerdon I  hold  out  to  thee — It shames me, being  sxfte2j  such as I am, to mention  the  idle  phiions  of  youth,   save  d4wsxft2j   with 

contempt and the purpose  cd4wsxfe2j  of censure. But we must bribe children  to  wholesome  cd4wsxfe2j   medicineby the offer of cates, and youth  to  honourable  achievement  with  the  sxfte2j  promise    fte2j   of 

pleasure. Mark me, therefore, Roland. The love of Catherine Seyton will  follow  him  only who shall achieve the hidom of her mistress; and believe, it may  sxfte2j  be  one  day  in  thine 

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