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Target price +$1.30

Update Alert:
DNA Precious Metals (DNAP)


DNA Precious Metals Inc. Announces Initial Coverage by Goldman Small
Cap Research with a price target of : $1.20
view report here (

DNA Precious Metals (DNAP) has astronomical short-term upside
potential… we believe it is extremely undervalued and a massive
momentum play RIGHT NOW.

read our full article here

We strongly suggest that you visit DNAP's web site right away and
watch the YouTube video embedded on thier homepage at:

video can also be viewed here on youtube.


Investor Dily Highlight

With the Dow Jones futures 16,500 and gold currently at $1,351 per oz
– the Dow/Gold ratio is now up to 12.2, for a bounce of 113% from
its August 2011 low of 5.73. The Dow/Gold ratio is either at or near a
medium-term peak. Its 27 month correction is getting ready to reverse
dramatically. Historically, every secular bear market for stocks has
ended with the Dow Jones reaching a bottom of between 1 and 2 oz of
gold. Between 1966 and 1980, the Dow/Gold ratio declined 96% from a
peak of 28 down to a low of 1, but between 1974 and 1976 – the
Dow/Gold ratio made a 21 month bounce from 3.19 to 8.46 – before
plunging to 5 in 1977 and 1 in 1980.

In our opinion, the Dow/Gold ratio could fall to a low in 2014 of
between 5 and 7. Although the Dow Jones will likely dip this year down
to at least 14,000 – the Dow/Gold ratio will mainly fall due to
soaring gold prices. Based on the Dow falling to 14,000 next year and
the Dow/Gold ratio falling to between 5 and 7 – gold will likely
rise by 60%-120% over the next 12 months to new all time high of
$2,000-$2,800 per oz. Many gold stocks will likely rise 4-6X faster
than the price of gold, getting massive impetus from the company’s
breaking developments.

For information on DNAP visit: http://www.dnapreciousmetals.com/


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