Consumer News: Get an iPhone6!

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Consumer News: Get an iPhone6!

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CORRESPONDENCE_ 4898 - DT.Mo, 20 Okt 2014 20:37:34 -0500

Long story short: I am an AmeriCorps VISTA. My project is taking advantage of my technical skills rather than allowing me to work on the project I signed on for.

Essentially, I am being paid 10k a year to run tech support for a small non-profit. I am not developing skills, making connections, or engaging in fulfilling work. I became a VISTA so that I could escape the shackles of a life lived in an office.

I've brought up the fact that I should be doing other things to my supervisor. She was not sympathetic to my position, and eschewed my concerns.

I have had this position for three months. Do you believe that it would be excusable for me to quit? I can't imagine that it would be great for my resume, but I'm getting quite sick of being essentially what amounts to being an intern.

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