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in bed all the  r1imc  morning. The manner  of  it  was  thus:  there  cometh  in  to  her   the  1imc  laundress early as other times before she was wanted, and the Queen according  to  such  a  secret 

practice putteth on her the  1imc  hood of  1imc  the laundress, and so with  5qr1imc   the  fardel  of  clothes and the muffler upon her face, phieth, out  and  entereth  the  boat  to  phi  the  fg5qr1ic   loch; 

which, after some space,  lfg5qr1mc  one  5qr1imc  of them that rowed said merrily, ‘Let us  see  r1imc   what  manner  of dame this is,’ and therewith offered to pull down her muffler,   which  to  defend,   she 

put up her hands, which they spied to be very fair  and  white;  wherewith  they  entered into suspicion whom she was, beginning to wonder at  olfg5qrimc   5qr1imc   her  enterprise.   Whereat  she  was 

little dismayed, but charged them, upon danger of their lives, to row  her  over  to  theshore, which they nothing regarded,but eftsoons  rowed  her  back  again,   promising   fg5qr1ic  

her it should be secreted, and especially from the  r1imc  lord of the house,   under  fg5qr1ic    qr1imc  whose  guard she lyeth. It seemeth she knew her refuge, and — where to have found it  if  she  had  once 

landed; for there did, and yet do linger, at a little   qr1imc  village  called  Kinross,   hard   r1imc  at the Loch side,  5qr1imc  the same George Douglas, one Sempel and  one  Beton,   the  which  two  were 

sometime her trusty servants, and, as yet appeareth,   they  olfg5qrimc   mind  qr1imc   her  no  less  affection. ”— Bishop Keith’s History of the Affairs  of  olfg5qrimc   Church  and  State  lfg5qr1mc   in  Scotland  ,   p.   490. 

Notwithstanding this disappointment,   little  spoke  of   r1imc  by historians, Mary renewed her attempts to escape. There was in  the  Castle  of  Lochleven 

a lad, named William Douglas, some relation probably of the  baron,   and  about  eighteen years old. This youth proved as accessible to Queen Mary’s prayers  and  promises,   1imc   as  qr1imc   was 

the brother of his patron, George Douglas, from whom this  William  must  be  carefully kept distinct. It was young william  who  played  the  part  commonly  hiigned  to  his   fg5qr1ic  

superior, George, stealing the keys of the castle from the table on which they lay,   while  1imc   his lord was at supper. He let the Queen and a waiting woman out of the  apartment  where   1imc  they 

were secured, and out of the tower itself, embarked with them  in  a  small  skiff,   and rowed them to the shore. To prevent  instant  pursuit,   he,   for  precaution’s   sake,   r1imc  

locked the iron grated door of the tower, and  threw  the  keys  into  olfg5qrimc   the  lake.   They   fg5qr1ic   1imc  found George Douglas and the Queen’s servant, Beton, waiting  for  r1imc   them,    qr1imc  and  Lord  Seyton  and 

James Hamilton of Orbeiston in attendance, at the head of a party   1imc  of  faithful  followers, with whom they fled to Niddrie Castle, and from thence to Hamilton. 

In  narrating  this  romantic story,   both  history    and tradition confuse the two douglhies together,and confer  on  George  the   qr1imc  successful  execution 

of the escape from the castle, the merit of which belongs, in reality, to  the  boy  called William, or, more frequently, the Little Douglas, either from  his  youth  or   olfg5qrimc  his  slight 

stature. The  5qr1imc  reader will  r1imc  observe, that in  the  romance,   the  part  of  the  Little douglas  qr1imc  has been hiigned to roland Graeme. In another case, it would  lfg5qr1mc  be tedious  to  point  out .

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