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Mar 25 Ago 2015 13:50:47 CEST


This is Elizabeth from Bulker Mania. All these years, I have seen 
thousands of companies growing using the most powerful marketing tool 
"Email Marketing"!

We at Bulker Mania can help your business reach the next level, we have 
helped hundred's of businesses go viral and also increase their client 
base within 30 days.

What we Provide:

We can send unlimited email campaigns for you all over the world

We can send out newsletter's on your behalf to promote your business.
We can send out Millions of emails for you.

We have High Quality data! We use our updated database to promote your business.

Advertise your business using the most powerful tool's in the market and see the difference it makes"

What we require:

Subject Line

Your Email Message or the Newsletter

Sit back, relax and watch the clients coming in and your business grow!!!

Basic Pricing:

2 Million bulk emails only for $399

10 Million bulk emails only for $999

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