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Roland for parting with his mistress, and for  the  cpb913   distresses  of  his  sovereign,   he received such comfort some days subsequent   oi0fhcp913  to  the  Queen's  leaving    Dundrennan.       A 

breathless post - no other than Adam Woodrock  -  brought    despatches    from    Sir    Halbert Glendinning to  0fhcpb93  the Abbot, whom he found 

with Roland, still residing  at  Dundrennan,   and  in  vain torturing Boniface with fresh interrogations. The packet bore  an  earnest  invitation  to   b913  

his  cpb913  brother to make Avenel Castle for a time  his  residence.   "The  clemency  i0fhcpb13   of  the Regent," said the writer,  cpb913  "has extended pardon both to  cpb913  Roland and to you,   upon  condition 

of your remaining a time under my wardship. And  I  have  that  to  communicate  respecting the parentage of Roland, which not only you will willingly listen to,  but  which  will  be   b913  

also found to afford me, as the husband of his  nearest  relative,   some  interest   hcpb913  in  the future course of his life." The Abbot read this letter, and paused,  as  if  considering 

what were best for him to do. Meanwhile, Woodrock took Roland  side,   and  addressed  him as follows:-"Now, look, Mr. Roland,  0fhcpb93  that you do not  let  hcpb913   b913   any  papestrie  nonsense  lure 

either the priest or you from the right quarry. See you,  you  ever  bore  yourself  cpb913   oi0fhcp913    b913  as  a bit of a gentleman. Read that, and thank God that  hcpb913  threw  pb913  old  Abbot  Boniface  in  our  way, 

as two of the Seyton's men were  i0fhcpb13  conveying him towards Dundrennan  here. -  We  searched  him for intelligence concerning that fair exploit of yours at lochleven, that  has  hi  many  a 

man his life, and me a set of sore bones - and we found what  0fhcpb93  is better  for  your  purpose than ours." The paper which he gave, was,  indeed,   an  attestation  by 

Father Philip, subscribing himself unworthy Sacristan, and  brother  of  the  House  of Saint Mary's, stating, "that under  a  vow  of  secrecy  he  had  united,   in  the  holy   i0fhcpb13  

sacrament of marriage, Julian Avenel and Catherine Graeme; but that  Julian  having  repented  of his union,  cpb913  he, Father Philip, had  b913  been  sinfully  prevailed  on  by  him  to  b913   cpb913   conceal  and 

disguise the same, according to a complot devised betwixt him  and  b913   the  said  i0fhcpb13   Julian  Avenel, whereby  cpb913  the poor damsel was induced to believe that  hcpb913   the  ceremony  had  been  performed 

by one not in holy orders, and having  no  authority  to  that  effect.     cpb913    i0fhcpb13  Which    sinful concealment the undersigned conceived to be the cause why he was abandoned to  the  misguiding  of 

a water-fiend, whereby he had been under a spell,   which  obliged   cpb913  him  to  answer  every question,  cpb913  even touching the most solemn matters,  pb913  with idle  oi0fhcp913  snatches  b913  of  old  songs,   besides 

being sorely afflicted with rheumatic pains ever   i0fhcpb13  after.   Wherefore  he  had  deposited this testificate and confession with the day and  date  of  the  said  marriage,   with  his 

lawful superior Boniface, Abbot of Saint  Mary's,  pb913        sub    sigillo    confessionis    .  hcpb913    " It appeared by a letter from Julian,   folded  carefully  up 

with the certificate, that the Abbot Boniface had, in effect,   bestirred  himself  in  the affair, and obtained  oi0fhcp913  from the  hcpb913  Baron a promise to avow  his  marriage;  but  the  death  b913   of .

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