Today: Apple iPads 32GB for $33.74? Apple MacBook Pros for $103.28?

Gio 25 Giu 2015 14:50:46 CEST

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 Today: Apple iPads 32GB for $33.74? Apple MacBook Pros for $103.28? 

Users of the service purchase "bids" to participate in aucti aw3j ons. Bidding may begin only when
 there are five minutes  jremaining on the auction's timer. A bi 4aw3j d placed in the aw3j  last twenty secon
ds resets the timer for another ten to twenty seconds. 3j Each bid increases the final auction pri
ce by a small amount (e.g. about 1 cent in the US). There j are some variations. In Speed Auctio
ns each bid add 3js ten seconds to the timer. Additionally, some auctions allow au w3j to-bidding via 
Quibids' Bid-O-Matic tool.The final price is typically j lower than the w3j  value of the item, but all bid
) will have paid for each bid placed.[6] j Customers who bid on 4aw3j  an auction may, w3j  during and up 
to two hours after bids are declared closed, choose to buy a unit of the auctioned product at
 its listed retail price, less the value of the bids they had lost in the auction.ders (not just the winner
QuiBids advertises that a  iP jad can 4aw3j  be pu aw3j rchas aw3j ed for , however this discrepa w3j ncy is due to difference
s in currency. Each "penny" on the website is purchased fo jr 60 cents. The advertisements do not ex
plain that the comparison is $499 in US dolla 4aw3j rs, compared to $22.54 in Quibids bidding rights.[6] Th
erefore, in that partic 3jular case of the iPad aw3j , all bidders combined would

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