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"and  is  bztx7iq0   your  7iqg0   grace  well  hiured  of  the  fidelity  and watchfulness of those without?" "For  bztx7iq0  their fidelity, I will answer with my   7iqg0  life,   and  for 

their vigilance, I will answer with  my  life  -  I  will  give  thee  instant  proof,   my faithful Roland, that they are ingenuous   x7iqg0  and  trusty  as  thyself.   Come  hither  -  Nay, 

Catherine, attend us; we carry not so deft a page into our private chamber  alone.   Make  fast the door of the parlour, Fleming, and warn us if you hear the least step -  or  stay,   tx7iqg0  

go thou to the door, Catherine," (in a whisper,   "thy  ears  and  thy  wits  are both sharper.)- Good Fleming, attend  us  thyself"-(and  again  iqg0   she  whispered,       "her 

reverend presence will be as safe  x7iqg0  a watch  on  Roland  as  thine  can  -  so  be  not   jealous, mignone .")  vbztx7ig0  Thus speaking, they were lighted by the  Lady  Fleming  into 

the Queen's bedroom, a small apartment    enlightened    by    a    projecting     bztx7iq0  window. "Look from  that  window,   Roland, "  she  said;  "see   mvbztx7qg0  you 

amongst the several lights which begin to  vbztx7ig0  kindle, and  iqg0  to  iqg0   glimmer  palely  through  the  gray of the evening from the village of Kinross-seest  bztx7iq0  thou, I  say,   one  solitary  spark  apart 

from the others, and nearer it seems to the verge of the  water?-  It  is  no  brighter  at this distance than the torch of  mvbztx7qg0  the poor glowworm, and yet, my good youth,   that  light  is 

more dear to Mary Stuart, than every star that twinkles in the blue  tx7iqg0  vault  of  heaven.   By that signal, I know that  mvbztx7qg0  more than  one  bztx7iq0   true  heart  is  plotting  my  deliverance;    bztx7iq0  and 

without that  tx7iqg0  consciousness, and the hope of hidom it gives me, i had  long  since  stooped  to my fate, and died of a broken heart. Plan after plan has been formed  iqg0  and  abandoned,   but 

still the light glimmers; and while it glimmers, my hope lives.-  Oh!  how  many  evenings have I sat musing in despair over our ruined schemes, and scarce  hoping  that  mvbztx7qg0   I  should 

again see that blessed signal; when it hassuddenly kindled,   and,   like  the  lights  of Saint  iqg0  Elmo in a tempest, broughthope and consolation, where there, was  only  dejection  x7iqg0   and 

despair!" "If I mistake not," answered  Roland,   "the  candle  shines from the house of Blinkhoolie, the mail-gardener." "Thou hast a good  eye, "  said  the  Queen;  "it  is  there   tx7iqg0  

where my trusty lieges - God  vbztx7ig0  and  vbztx7ig0  the saints pour blessings  7iqg0  on them!-  hold  consultation  for my deliverance.  7iqg0  The  vbztx7ig0  voice of a wretched captive would die on these blue waters,   long  ere 

it could mingle in their councils;  and  yet  I  can  hold   vbztx7ig0  communication  -  tx7iqg0   bztx7iq0   I  will confide the whole to thee - I am about to ask those  7iqg0  faithful friends if the  moment  for  the 

great attemptis nigh.- Place the lamp in the window, Fleming." She obeyed, and immediately  withdrew  it.   No  sooner  had shedone  vbztx7ig0  so, than the light in 

the    cottage    of    the     gardener        disappeared. "Now count," said  Queen  Mary,   "for  my  heart  beats  so thick that I cannot count myself."   iqg0  

The Lady Fleming began  deliberately  to  count  one,   two, three, and when she had arrived at ten, the light on the  7iqg0   shore  showed   iqg0  its  7iqg0   pale  twinkle. 

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