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facas the first neurotrophin to be discovered and is the most famous.[36] The effects of NGF are present in a 
multitude of tissues through human development as well as adulthood. NGF is associated with immunity, stress reac
tion, nerve maintenance and neurodegenerative diseases. NGF is known have a predominant effect on the sympathetic
 ganglion cells and dorsal root ganglion cells with free nerve endings and the cholinergic neurons of the basal n
 ucleu Sympathetic ganglion cells are masses of neuronal cell bodies in the sympathetic branch of the visceral (au
 tonomic) nervous system. Dorsal root ganglion are masses of neuronal cell bodies in the posterior portion of the s
 pinal cord where sensory information is processed. Cholinergic neurons are profuse in parts of the brainstem, the 
 base of the forebrain, and the basal ganglia. They are thought to play a role in regulating the general level of ac
 tivity of CNS neurons, especially during the different phases of wakefulness and sleep and also during learning.
 ] Therefore, it can be purported that increased secretion of NGF can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, th
 e sensory portion of the spinal cord, parts of the brainstem, the base of the forebrain, and the basal ganglia. P
 erhaps the roles of these individual structures can be facilitated or preserved with increased NGF.

Secretion of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is stimulated by cortical neurons, and is essential for perma
nence of striatal neurons in the brain. Both patients with Alzheimer's and with Huntington disease exhibit reduced 
levels of BDNF.[38] Striatal neurons are the nerve cells that make up the stratium. The stratium is an inclusive ter
m for several structures of the midbrain. The stratium is the major point of entry for receiving input from most or 
all cortical areas and analyzing inhibitory outputs to the various parts of the midbraiTherefore, it may be deduced 
that secretion of BDNF can have an influence on many parts of the cerebral cortex and coincidentally the functions of
 the areas influenced.

Spiral ganglion neurons are particularly sensitive to neurotrophic factor-3  The spiral ganglion neurons contain the 
cell bodies of the auditory primary afferent fibers. The central process of these cells collect at the base of the coc
hlea to form the cochlear division of the eight nerve [35] These afferent fibers carry auditory impulses toward the ce
ntral nervous system. Therefore, it may be reasoned that healthy levels of NT-3 can preserve the function

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