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Child Predator Alert
Mar 2 Ago 2016 15:33:55 CEST

Sex Offender Alert! 
           Do you know if your neighborhood is safe? 
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              These parents were SHOCKED to find out who was living in their own neighborhood! 


										"229 sex offenders in my area in Conroe! How about you and your kids? Are they safe?"Angela G., TX							
										"I stumbled across this and saw 7 pedophiles in a ten mile radius around us. We're in the country and crime isn't a big issue..."M. Spaulding N., NH 							


  			       To find out if a Sex Offender lives near you.
  			       1) Enter your ZIP Code2) View nearby Offenders
  			       NOTE: the website you are about to access contains actual sex offender information. Please use extreme caution when utilizing this service.
				   Kids Live Safe is not a Government Agency or in anyway associated with the Government. 
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