Video: If You Are Taking Anxiety Drugs Stop Right Now!

Ven 9 Dic 2016 10:34:55 CET

If you suffer from anxiety or you know someone that does...
...then this is going to be the most important mesasge you ever read!
Millions of corrupted doctors are now prescribing pharma's most dangerous drugs... and you may have already fallen into this deadly trap.

Big Pharma Caught Red Handed (VIDEO)...
Scientists discovered that common treatments doctors prescribe for stress and anxiety are actually filled with addictive toxins. 
Worst part: these prescription drugs can damage your body and mind beyond repair and you wouldn't even feel a thing!
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ji was eating apples in the jail verandah. A constable sat next to
him, peeling and slicing.
'Gopal, my son, come, come,' Shukla-ji said. He wore a crisp white
kurta-pyjama that glistened in the morning sun.
I sat on the floor. 'Had a small favour to ask you,' I said.
'Of course,'he said.
I looked at the constable. 'Oh, him. He is Dhiraj, from my native
place. Dhiraj, my son and I need to talk.'
The constable left.
'I've told him I'll get him promoted,' Shukla-ji said and smiled.
'I have come with a strange request,' I said.
'Everything okay?'
'Shukla-ji, can you help me hire some ... call girls? You mentioned
them long ago.'
Shukla-ji laughed so hard, apple juice dripped out of his mouth.
T am serious,' I said.
'My boy has become big. So, you want women?'
'It's not for me.'
Shukla-ji patted my knee and winked conspiratorially. 'Of course not.
Tell me, how old are you?'
T will turn twenty-four next week,' I said.
'Oh, your birthday is coming?' he said.
'Yes, on November 11,' I said.
"That's great. You are old enough. Dont be shy,' he said, 'we all do it.'
'Sir, it s for the inspectors. We have a visit next week,' I said. T want to
increase my fee. They control the decision.'

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